Rental of refrigerators for camping

Going camping with the comforts of home is possible!

Frialq rents, delivers and collects the refrigerators on the campsite’s own plot.

camping with fridge

What fridges do we have?

1-door refrigerator model

1 door fridge

The 1-door refrigerators measure 85 cm and have a capacity of 144 liters.

They have a freezer inside.

2-door refrigerator model

2 door fridge

The 2-door refrigerators measure 146 cm and have a capacity of 250 liters.

What campsites do we go to?

In order to offer a better service to our customers, Frialq works with concerted campsites. If you want to rent a fridge, check our list of campsites.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to rent our refrigerators?

Reserve your fridge

You can make your reservation at:

We deliver the fridge

It will be delivered to the parcel and on the agreed day.

Fridge payment

We bill the fridge for nights consumed

Enjoy the fridge

Enjoy camping with the comfort of your home.

Pick up from the fridge

We will pick up the fridge on the agreed day before 12:00 am.

Have you already chosen a fridge? Do you already know which campsite you are going to?
Don’t wait any longer and…


During the months of July and August (dates of maximum occupancy):

  • Two-door refrigerator rental, minimum 7 days.
  • Rental of refrigerators with a door, minimum 2 days.

A little about Frialq…

Frialq was born in 1992 by two young businessmen. Thanks to the acceptance and loyalty of our clients, and with the great experience acquired throughout all these years, we continue working every day in the rental of refrigerators for camping, in order to offer an unbeatable service and impeccable treatment.